Volvo C40: the fully electric SUV coupe

With its coupe-like profile, the C40 is the new trend-setting electric SUV in the Volvo range. It is part of Volvo’s strategy to offer only fully electric models from 2030.

The C40, a new car body for Volvo

Gone are the days of the cube-shaped Volvo. You know, those estate cars that appeared in US TV series in the 80s and 90s. Over the last ten years or so, the design of Volvo models has become one of the most successful on the car market. The brand now extends its range with this first SUV coupe. The C40 is a more exclusive coupe version of the classic XC40 Recharge.

Like the XC40, the C40 is 4.44 m long and 1.79 m wide. However, its height is lower with 1.59 m versus 1.65 m for the XC40, due to its sloping rear roof. The front end is identical, with the same closed radiator grille (typical of electric vehicles). The light signature in the shape of Thor’s hammer is also present (introduced by the XC90 in 2015).

Its handy 17 cm ground clearance allows you to take your family off the beaten track at the weekend. It also helps you to avoid many urban obstacles like high pavements, parking ramps, etc.

The difference is really visible at the rear. The sloping roof with its continuous rear window gives the C40 an athletic profile. Its light signature also adds a strong, modern identity.

The overall style is seductive, elegant and sporty, with that hint of Volvo ‘Scandinavian class’.

Spacious, well-made and Eco-Friendly

Once inside the vehicle, the absence of a Start & Stop button is striking. Instead, the C40 starts by selecting a driving mode on the automatic gearbox selector. At first, this is a little confusing, but you soon get used to it. If you’re familiar with Volvo interiors, you won’t be out of place in the C40. The ergonomics is simple and effective, with easy-to-use controls that are close to hand. The period of adaptation is very quick.

Its appearance is flattering, with quality materials and a perfect fit. In terms of materials, the C40 can boasts about being the first model in its range to adopt eco-responsible materials. No more leather, no more animal materials, but the use of fully recycled materials. Volvo is known to be strongly committed to environmental issues.

Inside the vehicle, there are two screens. The first, facing the driver, provides all the information needed for driving, like speed, battery charge level and navigation.

At the center, you find a 9-inch reactive infotainment system with a very high resolution. The screen is designed to be fluid, and you can rely on Google Assistant to operate all the vehicle’s controls by voice, a guarantee of safety to keep your eyes on the road

The C40’s spaciousness is one of its strong points. Rear-seat space is royal, especially for the legs. Surprisingly, the lowering of the roof has no effect on passenger headroom. The seats are extremely comfortable, offering a good compromise between softness and firmness. The fit is perfect. The 418-litre boot is large enough to carry the luggage of a family of 4 people. Under the bonnet, there’s a small 31-litre storage compartment where you can store all kinds of items, such as the vehicle’s charging cables. If you need extra space, the folding rear bench seat 1/3 2/3 with a flat floor has a volume of 1,205 litres.

Last but not least, the panoramic glass roof provides plenty of light inside. Children will love it on daily journeys.

The Volvo C40 is the perfect vehicle for those who like to travel with comfort and technology!

A driving experience worthy of a sedan

From the very first kilometres, the C40 impresses with its smoothness. The 252 hp all-electric engine provides both performance and silence. Acceleration is efficient, with a 0 to 100 km/h time of just 7.4 seconds. Vigorous accelerations guarantee a high level of safety. The 420 Nm of torque is immediately available. An undeniable guarantee of safety if for example you need to get out of a dangerous situation quickly.

Regenerative braking takes a little getting used to. As soon as you release the right-hand pedal, the C40 immediately decelerates. At first, this may come as a shock to internal combustion car drivers, but once you’ve got used to the principle of regenerative braking, you’ll soon get used to it.

The Volvo is very convincing when it comes to dynamics. The chassis is unshakeable, not prone to roll, for more safety and dynamic. The steering is precise and offers excellent feedback to the driver. The C40 is without doubt one of the most enjoyable electric SUVs to drive.

The Volvo also has a very comfortable suspension. Neither too soft nor too firm, the engineers have found the perfect compromise to offer an electric SUV that is both dynamic and comfortable.

The electric range is 530 km in mixed use, a good average for its category. You can charge the C40 from 0 to 80% in just 27 minutes. That’s enough time to do your grocery shopping in complete peace of mind, and to drive away with your batteries charged.

For a standard charge at home, it will take 8 hours.

With a range of 530 km, the C40 offers a very good range.

Review of the fully electric C40 test drive

Following our test drive, which you can also watch on video, Volvo’s electric SUV made a good impression on us. The C40 is esthetically pleasing, spacious, comfortable, with a refined interior style and excellent build quality. What’s more, its driving experience makes it one of the most enjoyable electric SUVs in its segment.

It is positioned as a real challenger to its direct rivals, notably the Tesla Model Y, with over 137,000 units sold in Europe in 2022. Prices for the C40 start from €51,890 for the Start version, and rise to €59,430 for the top-of-the-range Ultimate trim that we tested.

One thing’s for sure: the C40 is one of the most desirable premium electric SUVs around!

Length: 4440 mm

Width: 1873 mm

Height: 1591 mm

Wheelbase: 2702 mm

Ground clearance: 171 mm

Weight: 2095 kg

Boot space - minimum: 418 l

Boot space - maximum (with seat folded down): 1205 l

Turning circle: 11,4 m

Max torque: 420 Nm

Power: 252 hp

Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h: 7,4 sec

Maximum power: 185 kW

Maximum speed: 180 km/h

WLTP electric consumption: 16,7 kW/h /100 km

Combined range: 530 km

CO2 emissions: 0g / km

Warranty: 3 years / 100 000 km

Battery warranty: 8 years / 160 000 km

Many thanks to the Volvo Perpignan-Tressol Chabrier dealership for the loan of this vehicle! 303 Chemin de la Fauceille / 66000 Perpignan – FRANCE

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