Cookie Charter


1.1 This Cookie Charter provides the mandatory legal information for Users of the TestECar Service concerning the protection of their Personal Data, in addition to the Personal Data Charter;

The Charter has been drawn up in application of the General Data Protection Regulation of 14 April 2016, known as the “GDPR”, the French Data Protection Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, as amended, and the French law “pour la confiance dans l’économie numérique” no. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004;

The site (referred to as the “Site”) is a brand of DISRUPTDEAL, which is responsible for processing personal data, hereinafter referred to as the “Data Controller”;

1.2 The User declares that he/she has the necessary capacity and authorisation to give his/her consent.

The category of persons concerned by the collection and processing of personal data by DISRUPTDEAL are the Users of the website :

1.3 This Cookies Charter may be amended at any time by DISRUPTDEAL, according to the changes made, in particular to comply with any regulatory developments. You are advised to refer to the latest version of the Cookies Charter available on the Site before browsing;

1.4 Terms of digital consent

When connecting to the Site, the User will be presented with a window (“Cookies banner”) in which they can accept, refuse or configure Cookies by clicking.

By doing so, the User is deemed to have read and understood this Cookies Charter.

Users can change their consent at any time in the space provided for this purpose.

The User’s Consent is only required for Cookies that are not essential to the operation of the Site. The latter is nevertheless informed of their existence.


2.1 Scope of application

DISRUPTDEAL implements the Cookies described below either directly or through Partners or subcontractors such as: publishers of solutions, audience measurement, advertising agencies or social networks.

The present « Cookie Charter » provides legal information to the User on the way in which DISRUPTDEAL or its Partners use Cookies on the Site.

The Cookies Charter applies in addition to the provisions of the Users’ Personal Data Charter.The provisions relating to cookies supplement the contractual provisions of the Personal Data Charter; In the event of any difficulty of interpretation, the Personal Data Charter takes precedence over the Cookies Charter.

2.2 Definition

The ” Cookies » or ” Trackers ” are files containing small amounts of information that are stored when the Site is displayed; on a terminal such as a computer, a tablet, a mobile phone, or any device enabling internet consultation thanks to browser software, by a User;

The use of cookies has the effect of collecting data, some of which is personal, such as the User’s name, address, browsing history or IP address.

However, Cookies do not allow the direct identification of the User but of the terminal used;


3.1 DISRUPTDEAL informs the User of the number of Cookies and their functionalities by means of a pop-up window;

Users are informed that they may only give their full or partial consent to, or refuse, the use of Cookies in the space reserved for this purpose on the Site;

3.3 Continued browsing does not imply acceptance of the use of Cookies;

The User acknowledges that the Site’s internal navigation system uses hypertext links to direct the User to this Cookies Charter as soon as browsing on the Site is activated, outside of any connection to the Site;

3.4 The User is informed that the Site offers specific access to a space reserved for Cookies, which can be configured, through which he/she can exercise his/her rights: grant, refuse, withdraw consent to the use of Cookies by means of the relevant buttons; and configure their functionalities.

L’espace réservé aux Cookies est accessible dès que la navigation sur le Site est activée, hors toute connexion au Site.

The User is solely responsible for configuring his or her choice of how Cookies are stored on his or her terminal;


If the User refuses to store Cookies on his/her terminal, or deletes them, or withdraws the authorization he/she has given, browsing on the Site will be impaired.

DISRUPTDEAL informs the User that certain browsing functions or Services offered, in particular but not exclusively, geolocation, recognition of geographical areas of origin, automatic setting by country, could malfunction.

DISRUPTDEAL is exempt from any liability in the event of malfunction of DISRUPTDEAL Services due to the impossibility for the Site to record or consult the Cookies required for its proper operation.


The Cookies issued are used for the purposes described below, subject to the User’s consent and choices resulting from the settings of the browser software used.

Cookie management and the configuration choices of each browser may vary; To do this, the User can go to the “Help” menu of the browser concerned and make the changes he or she wishes in relation to Cookies;

  1. ForInternet Explorer™
  2. ForSafari™
  3. ForChrome™
  4. ForFirefox™
  5. ForOpera™

Please note that if all the Cookies relating to the Site and stored on the User’s terminal are deleted, DISRUPTDEAL will no longer be able to determine which consent or refusal has been given by the User; The User will therefore have to agree to the downloading of Cookies again;

Also, if the User connects to the Site with another Internet browser, he/she will have to make his/her choices regarding Cookies once again;

6.Duration of the consent

The User’s consent is obtained at the time of the first download from the Site’s homepage.

The period of validity of the User’s consent is a maximum of thirteen (13) months for each Cookie.

At the end of this period, cookies are deactivated. The consent period cannot be extended implicitly.

At the end of this thirteen (13) month period, Users must renew their consent to the use of Cookies on their terminal;


DISRUPTDEAL informs the User of all the Cookies that may be installed on his terminal.

7.1 Technical cookies: session cookies

The Site uses session Cookies in order to track the use made of the Site during a single browsing session, and to help the User navigate the Site more easily.

This type of Cookie is technical. It ceases to function when the User session is closed and therefore does not require any authorisation from the User.

7.2 Audience measurement and segmentation cookies

Audience measurement cookies are issued in order to measure the audience or traffic for the various contents, pages, sessions or sections of the Sites.

They are used to detect problems linked to browsing and are intended to produce anonymous statistics and traffic volumes and to improve the Site’s services.

The User is informed that in the event of deactivation of the latter on the Site, DISRUPTDEAL would not necessarily be able to provide Services adapted to browsing on the Site.


The Site may use Third Party Cookies, defined as “off site” or “third party” Cookies that are installed and managed on the User’s terminal by a third party partner of DISRUPTDEAL for technical purposes.

8.1 Advertising cookies

DISRUPTDEAL does not deposit any advertising Cookies on the User’s terminal.

8.2 Cookies issued by social networks

The Site uses Social Network Cookies in order to share the content of the Site with other people. When the User clicks on a share button, a Third Party Cookie is installed. If the User is connected to a social network at the same time as browsing the Site, the sharing buttons allow the content consulted to be cross-referenced between Users’ accounts.

DISRUPTDEAL declines all responsibility for the use of cookies installed by social network services. The User is hereby informed that the present Charter is autonomous and independent of the privacy protection policies of the social network services, the latter being the only ones applicable to Cookies which are propelled for the needs of their services.

If you do not wish to use this type of Cookie, please click on one of the following links to deactivate it from the Site:

– For Facebook : { }

– For Instagram : { }

– For Pinterest : { }

– For Tik Tok : { }

– For Twitch : { }

– For YouTube / Google : { }

8.4 Cookies from ZENDESK

The Site may use Cookies in conjunction with the service provider ZENDESK.

The purpose of the ZENDESK Cookies is to evaluate the use of the Chat by the User on the Site and to compile reports on the activity of this Service.

More specifically, the Cookies issued by ZENDESK enable:

  1. to measure the User’s browsing in real time;
  2. identify the User
  3. to record the User’s connection to the Site.

The data generated by Cookies concerning the use of the Site (including the IP address) will be transmitted and stored by ZENDESK on its servers.

ZENDESK may communicate this data to third parties in the event of a legal obligation or when these third parties process data on behalf of ZENDESK.

Their Privacy Policy is available here:

8.5 “Analytic” cookies

The Site may use “Analytic” Cookies in order to personalise the advertising offered during browsing.

Analytic” cookies are used by advertising service providers and DISRUPTDEAL’s partners to identify the products consulted or purchased and are intended to provide information and statistics on the relevance of their distribution.

Their Privacy Policy is available here:

8.6 Third-party technical cookies

The Site may use technical cookies to enable applications and functions such as:

A consent management module: Appconsent. Their Privacy Policy is available here:

A module for managing consumer reviews: Trustpilot: Their personal data charters are available here :


DISRUPTDEAL has no control over the process used by the Partners and subcontractors to collect information relating to the User’s browsing on the pages of the Site and combine it with the personal data they hold.

As DISRUPTDEAL is not the recipient of the data processed by the Partners and subcontractors, and has no control over the collection and processing of personal data, DISRUPTDEAL declines all responsibility in this respect.


In addition to the legal provisions recognising the evidential value of electronic writing, the User acknowledges the validity and evidential value of clicking on the buttons present on the Site, or on one of its windows, including pop-up windows, e-mails, SMS messages, as well as all electronic or digital recordings, and is informed that they may be kept as authentic evidence by DISRUPTDEAL.

The User having accepted the Cookie Charter, and the installation of audience cookies, accepts that these will be taken as extrinsic evidence, with evidential force, of his/her use of the Site’s Services, in the event of a dispute.


11.1 DISRUPTDEAL has appointed a Data Protection Officer or (DPO) in charge of data monitoring and management and sole interlocutor of its Users, n°CNIL DPO-99917, on 14 June 2021 : LEGAPOLE AVOCAT CABINET PANTZ.

For any question relating to this Cookies Charter or for any request relating to your personal data, the User may contact us by sending an e-mail to our Data Protection Officer at the following address:

11.2 In order to fully exercise its rights, DISRUPTDEAL invites its Users to consult the CNIL website at the following address