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For the occasion of the Rencontres Internationales des Véhicules Electriques (RIVE), which took place on the circuit of the Pôle mécanique d’Alès, on July 7th and 8th, the Test E Car team went to the Gard region in order to discover a number of the electromobility actors. It is a major event where innovation rhymes with zero emission! A 12th edition during which a large number of actors of the automotive, transport and energy sectors were present. Therefor, it’s a place where we were able to meet professionals who offered multiple solutions for “decarbonized” travel. An electromobility that came in all sizes. Indeed, riding electric is above all another way of getting around. On the asphalt track of the Pôle Mécanique circuit, we were able to get behind the wheel of different vehicles, both electric and hybrid. The laps of the circuit followed one another.

Alès Agglomération, a land of innovation for electromobility.
From the Renault Zoe city car, through the Jaguar F-Pace, to the Catheram, electromobility offers wide possibilities.

The use of hybrid or electric vehicles

Electricity, adapted to the automotive industry, changes our vision of living of the road. Both in terms of driving and used energy. An attitude that is equally valid at the steering wheel of a small city car or a more imposing SUV. During these two days of testing, it became even clearer that the desired use of the vehicle determines the choice. Thus, we were able to judge the capabilities of a number of them. However, we have to take into consideration that we were on a circuit and that this configuration was not the more adapted one… This approach on “open roads” allowed us to confirm that electric or hybrid vehicles are not a sign of cheap mobility.

RIVE attracted an experienced audience.

Completing a few laps of the track in an electric Renault Zoe, a VW Golf powered by liquid natural gas, a Skoda Enyaq or a Jaguar I-Pace, 100%, does not provide the same sensations. Some are more comfortable than others. However, these vehicles have demonstrated their ability to be driven in extreme conditions. And it works well! Beyond pure performance, it is their capabilities that we were able to highlight. Driving a Renault Zoe or the latest Skoda Enyaq SUV are two opposite choices. But these two cars can make you travel more than 300 km!

Easy handling of hybrid and electric vehicles.
The Renault Zoé, one of the first French cars to have democratized electric cars.

Highlighting electromobility

RIVE was a unique event in France that put electromobility into perspective. It was also true for the other vehicles that we were able to test. Like the hybridization of the British Jaguar and Range Rover, with the F-Pace “hybrid” and the Evoque “hybrid”, where the combination of combustion and electric power combines performance and driving pleasure. The meeting also provided an opportunity to introduce alternatives that are less common in France, such as liquid natural gas.

Leader in electromobility

Driving a VW Golf TGI, we were able to taste the pleasure provided by this type of motorization. Moreover, simple city gas, adapted to the car, allows to drive more than 500 km with a full tank of about 13kg of gas in a special tank. But, hybridization is still not very widespread in France, but is used elsewhere in Europe.

Professionals who listen to questions about the new engines.

To sum up, the Rencontres Internationales des Véhicules Electriques is now an excellent focus on the best in the field of electromobility. A show that places the city of Alès, the region, and France, in a leading position in terms of alternative mobility solutions.

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