Opel Mokka-e, the electric without filter

Compact, urban, 100% electric and German… No, this time, we have to look to the brand with the Blitz(1) to discover a new electromobility proposal. Opel offers an electrified version of its Mokka. One of the brand’s leading model these last years. Another way to driving in “zero emission” that we wanted to discover at www.testecar.com. In collaboration with the Opel dealership in Perpignan (Tressol-Chabrier Auto 66), we were able to drive this new Mokka-e. A test drive that did not go unnoticed on the various roads we took for our test. Our model, in its two-tone black and neon green “Signal Green” livery and its Vizor grille, the brand’s signature, aroused great interest as much by its color as by its design and its engine.

Daily use, in every circumstances

Opel Mokka-e is the moment’s sensation for the brand with the lightning bolt. The Mokka-e is the 6th vehicle to exploit the platform e-CMP of the group Stellantis (PSA/ Fiat Chrysler/ Opel). A technology already used for the Peugeot e-208 and e-2008, the Citroën e-C4, the DS3 Crossback e-Tense and the Opel Corsa-e. A platform that houses a 50kWh battery, which 46 kWh are useful, coupled with a 100 Kw electric engine (136 hp) developing a torque of 260 Nm. This new SUV 100% electric from Opel is intended to be an urban SUV. However, this type of vehicle can also be used on a daily basis. And be on others grounds. We chose to discover it on more rollings roads. Head to the foothills of the Pyrenees, in the heart of the Albères massif, to see the dynamism of this new SUV.

Several driving modes for the Opel Mokka-e

With 4.15m long, 1.79m wide and 1.52m high, the SUV is one of the most compact of its category. A good point on a first road use in which we subjected our model. On the departmental road RD 914, the first turns from Argelès-sur-Mer in direction to Collioure, look like excellent justices of the peace for the car. From the first few turns, it is possible to push the SUV to see its personality. The 1,480kg may be a handicap. We will find out during our use. We engaged this Mokka-e in a firm manner in the first asphalt hairpins. A nice occasion to play with the different modes that the car is equipped with : “Eco”, “Normal” and “Sport”. Forget about the first one, we will meet it again after our passage in town…

Some torque available

Served by a well-structured steel chassis, the car proves to be relatively at ease in a series of curves. The curves of the Côte Vermeille do not spare the SUV. In “Normal” mode, the power is 109 hp, for a torque of 220 Nm. A simple pressure of the accelerator pedal and all the torque is immediately available. In “Sport” mode, the 136 hp give voice. All the power is expressed silently… Will the promised 322 km of autonomy be verified? The thrust is immediate! But the steering is less precise. A little downside… The reactions of the car are lively. However, the high position is not synonymous with aggressiveness.

An energy consuming electric block

However, the pleasure to drive is here. A driving that allows to use the recovery capacity of the battery. In an acceleration phase, on the RD 914 which climbs to the Col des Balistres, on the heights of Cerbère, the car seems to be very consuming in energy and the the gauge drops rapidly. A characteristic of this electric drive unit that already equips other models. In the downhills, the Mokka-e recovers quite a bit of energy. When you take your foot off the pedal, the engine brake comes into action. In “Normal” mode, it is optimal. It is even possible to activate the engine brake more strongly by using the “B” position, next to the mode selector on the central tunnel, located between the two front seats.

A position that allows you to get closer to a one-pedal drive. This button, too small, is ergonomically not well placed. Too bad… Finally, the 1,480 kg did not make themselves felt too much on the road.

Great capacity to recover energy

So, if you ant to drive with this Opel Mokka-e on departmental roads, you will not look ridiculous. The promise autonomy will mel like snow in the sun if you use the accelerator pedal. But, the energy recovery system means that the car can be driven for miles without any problems. Once the twists and turns of the seaside were behind us, it was in the heart of downtown Perpignan that we were able to test the capabilities of this 100% Opel SUV. The city, yes! This is the place where this SUV can express its potential. Once in the city traffic, the comfort of electric driving is felt, very smoothly.

The city, a field of expression for the Opel Mokka-e

With the “Eco” mode engaged, the car develops 82 hp and 180 Nm of torque. But that’s enough to put down any internal combustion engine car when starting. Even in this cool mode, the instantaneous torque works wonders and is more than enough for everyday use. With its dimensions of 4.15 m long (a little shorter than its competitor, the Peugeot e-2008) and 1.79 m wide, the insertions in the traffic are done with simplicity. A B-segment electric SUV that is at home in the city. And on board, how is it? Silent, yes we know that. Behind the wheel, the overall impression is visually pleasing. The driving position is rather high. You’ll have to get used to the sight of a very visible rib on the hood! Well seated on the well-made seats, the comfort is well present.

Too bad for the plastics

A lot of storage space is available, which is appreciable. Such as a very deep glove box, a decent slot in the ergonomic armrest and an induction charger slot. A 12″ digital panel with a 10″ screen is present for the infotainment (only for the top of the range versions). Otherwise, there are two 7″ screens. But some plastics sound a bit cheap. The plastics of the doors and fake carbon…

A trunk that loses in space

In the back, it’s not bad… If you are less than 1m80 high. A compact SUV is good, but it means “contained volumes”. In the back, it is visible. Knee room is a bit tight. But the headroom is decent, even if the rear hatch is plunging. As for the trunk, the volume increases to 310 liters on the electric version against 350 liters on the thermal versions. This is due to the storage space for the charging cables under the floor.

In the end, this Opel Mokka-e, the German brand’s 100% electric SUV, is a fairly versatile vehicle that we really liked. At ease in the city with compact dimensions. Excellent driving comfort and significant energy recovery capabilities. On the road, the SUV has no reason to be ashamed and offers interesting performances, provided that you keep in mind that it is quite energy consuming. The Mokka-e will be an optimal SUV, and without filter, for drivers who know their driving behavior well.

Pierre-Jean Côme

(1)Blitz: The flash on the Opel emblem is a reference to the famous Opel Blitz truck (the German word “Blitz” means flash or lightning.)

Engine: electric

Fiscal power: 4hp

Performance: 136ch / 100 kW

Battery: 46 kWh

Max. torque: 260 Nm

Anti-pollution standard: Euro 6

Autonomy: 322 km (WLTP)

CO2 emission: 0 g/km

Gearbox: automac

Transmission mode: traction

Chassis: steel monocoque

Power steering: yes

Max. power AC: 7.4 kW - single phase

Maximum power AC: 11 kW - three phases

Max power DC: 100 kW

Length: 4.15 m

Width: 1.79 m

Height: 1.5;2 m

Wheelbase: 2, 55 m

Trunk volume: 350 liters

Turning radius: 11.02 m

Max. speed: 150 km/h

0 à 100 km/h: 9,1 s

Localized emergency call

Touch screen

Media interface

Bluetooth hands-free kit


DAB digital radio

Connected services

Six speakers

Hill start assist

Lightness sensor

Rain sensor

Keyless start

Speed limiter

Speed control

Reverse camera

LED tail lights

LED daytime running lights

Aluminum wheels

LED front lights

Rear parking lot radar

Defrosting, power and power-folding mirrors

Front center armrest

Height adjustable driver's headrest

Height adjustable passenger's headrest

Automatic A/C

Ambient lighting

Multi-function color display

Pollen filter

Isofix attachments to rear seats

Front reading lights

Passenger vanity mirror

Onboard computer

Front cup holders

Electrochromatic interior mirror

Height adjustable driver's seat

Height adjustable passenger seat

Power rear windows

Power front windows

Multi-function leather sport steering wheel


Driver, passenger airbag (disconnectable)

Front side airbags

Curtain airbags

Electronic startup

Trajectory maintenance assistance

Underinflation detector

Fog lights

Sign recognition

Advanced obstacle detection, drowsiness, collision avoidance system

28 h on domestic plug

7 h on Wallbox 7,4 kW

30 min (0 à 80 %) on Wallbox DC 100 kW

A test realized in collaboration with Opel Auto 66 (Tressol-Chabrier group) 303 chemin de la Fauceille 66100 Perpignan

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