Electric challenges the automobile myths

Tailpipe emissions will become increasingly rare.

The year 2040, may seem far away but it’s very close. A date when the automotive world should experiece a shift in its way to live mobility. A date when the sale of thermal cars should be banned in France. In Paris, diesel will be unwanted from 2024 and gasoline banned from 2030. Decisions that may seem radical. What can we say then about countries like Norway, which expects the end of thermal power in 2025? A situation that pushes carmanufacturers to innovate in terms of hybrid and electric technologies. The goal: to offer alternatives to drivers.

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Electricity craze

It is interesting to note that, in this race to electrification, models that generate an interest from consumers are often found in the iconic models… Is it simpathy capital towards a brand or a model? Is it nostalgia tinged with modernity? It turns out it is models with a strong identity that create an electricity craze.

Fiat 500 e, an Italian that seduces. ©
Fiat 500 from the 60’s, the famous “yoghurt cup”. ©
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A rassuring nostalgia

New Renault 5 – 100% electric set to be a success. ©

We just have to look at the car sales figures these last months. Between January and August 2021*, among the most sold vehicles, we can find the Fiat 500 e (5 998 units), the Renault Twingo Electric (5 184 units) and the Mini Cooper SE (2 884 units). Thus, the electromobility market is at a crossroads. Between innovative technologies and reassuring nostalgic regression. A state of affairs well understood by the car brands that have brought back their old drawing boards where the plans of their emblematic models were located. The “Madeleine de Proust” also exists in the automotive field.

The first Renault 5, in 1972. ©
Renault “4L’ could arrive on our roads in a 100% version very soon. ©
The Renault 4L for families. ©

Renault will offer, for 2022, a revised version of the Renault 5, in 100% electric. The same goes for the legendary 4L, also in a 100% electric version. What can those that have known the first versions of these cars think of the gear changes on the dashboard? The same goes for more intimate models like the Alpine. In a nead future, the famous “berlinette” A110, from the Dieppe assembly lines, should also see its future with a battery and an electric motor.

An electrified thoroughbred

A phenomenon that is also found of the other coast of the Atlantic. A model with a galloping horse on the grille, the myth of a flourishing America and a symbol of power, is undergoing a complete revolution. The Mustang from Ford leaves out its 5-litre V8 engine for a 92 kWh battery and a 487hp engine installed on the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT. When modernity likes to look back, the horse will no longer be the standard for measuring power. Watts will me more in tune.

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(*) (Source : AAA Data )

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