Electromobility is accelerating

100% electric, an energy that is starting to make its way.

Not so long ago, when we talked about hybrid and electric engines, manufacturers who started down this path were often mocked. What could we hear about the Toyota Prius and the Nissan Leaf, at their beginnings, almost 20 years ago for the first one! More recently, Renault dared to release a 100% electric car, the Zoé, and some people smiled. Today, electromobility is accelerating and if you are a car manufacturer and you do not have an electromobile proposal in your range, you are in late… A craze for electromobility, “greener”, or a choice of vehicles that meet the current demand? A bit of both, certainly.

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Significant increase in hybridization

When we take a closer look at the sales figures for hybrid and electric vehicles between January 2021 and July 2021, we notice a significant increase (source PFA/AAA Data). For example, in January of this year, hybrid vehicles accounted for 11.8 % of sales. In July, their share of sales rose to 24.7 %, an increase of 12.9 points of percentage in seven months. Sales of plug-in hybrids rose from 3 % to 7.9 %, an increase of 4.9 points of percentage in this segment alone. The increase in sales of 100% electric cars is less significant, but the dynamism is visible. Sales rose from 6.1 % to 7.7 %. Over the same period, diesel sales decreased from 31 % to 22.8 % and gasoline from 50.3 % to 42.2 %…

Hybrid, an alternative that tends to reassure drivers.

Figures tend to show that the hybrid solution is favored by drivers. What can we make of this? First of all, the transition from internal combustion engines to so-called alternative engines is a reality. Another way of conceiving automobile travel is underway. But it also highlights the “customer” feedback on electromobility. Ecological constraints are pushing customers towards a change of automotive paradigm, but gently, and certainly with a desire to manage this transition to sustainable development in the automotive sector. Hybridization (plug-in or not) is proving to be a solution that is both consistent with our times and reassuring for mobility.

Hybrids are popular in all car segments.

Electromobility : pedagogy over time

Changing mindsets and habits in this area will take time. Some people are betting on “all-electric” as soon as it becomes technically and economically possible. Some German, Swedish, British and other brands have already announced that they will switch to 100% electric vehicles in their respective ranges. This is a strong choice, yes, but is it enough to convert the greatest number of drivers? It also means that the recurring question of the development of the network of recharging stations must be answered. This willingness on the part of manufacturers can move the lines. But in our opinion, not in a flash… Educating, convincing, so much pedagogy to be put in place over time. A question of generation perhaps…

Electromobility is accelerating, or is it just a trend? The responses of the public and private energy players will have to meet the expectations and demands. Let’s see in seven months if it continues through the sales figures…

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Pierre-Jean Côme

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