Tips to consume less in an electric car

Let’s talk about an important subject: managing the consumption of an electric car. With the rise in fuel prices over the last few years, switching to an electric car has almost become an obligation to save money. But before that, how do you optimise your range?

Tip 1 : Choose your car according to your needs

Choosing your vehicle according to your needs is obviously the priority before purchasing your

Choosing your vehicle according to your needs is obviously the priority before purchasing your vehicle. “Your needs” means your habits. For example, note whether you drive several long kilometers daily, or whether you will only use your car for short journeys.

To illustrate we compare the Renault Twingo electric and the BMW IX. The consumption will not be at all the same on the Renault Twingo, which will be low, as on the BMW IX which consumes more. The heavier and bulkier the vehicle, the more energy it will take to move forward. Many people use only a tiny fraction of the capacity of their vehicle. That’s why you must adapt your need to your purchase. So, if you want to drive economically, without wasting your money in charging stations, opt for autonomous vehicles and not too greedy. Do not hesitate to compare them with each other, or to ask for a free follow-up from one of our experts on our website. For example, the Dacia Spring does not consume much by its lightness and small wheels. It is ideal for trips in the city or on departmental.

Tip 2 : Tires

t is true that when we configure our vehicle on the manufacturer site, the aesthetics are always better with large rims, it’s sportier. But it doesn’t change the vehicle’s capabilities. On the contrary, the big rims will increase the consumption of the vehicle, and the maintenance strokes. And they are more expensive to buy. So big rims equate to loss of autonomy and money. Second point about tires, don’t focus on eco tires, if you have a sporty driving. Of course, they will see you save money, but the adherence is not the same. Therefore, encourage passive driving if you choose eco-friendly tires.

Tip 3 : Embrace eco-driving

As with all vehicles, the more nervous you feel with the accelerator pedal, the more your fuel consumption will take a hit, if you want to save on consumption, stop hammering it. Practice gradual and gentle acceleration or, use the eco-mode present in more and more electric or thermal cars elsewhere. This function slightly clamps the power of the engine. It’s ideal for daily journeys in the city or in the countryside. Eco-driving is one of the best recommendations we can give you to reduce consumption. If you were already a fan of this Zen driving in a thermal car, know that it is even more satisfying if you switch to an electric car. Especially thanks to the regenerative brake.

Tip 4 : The regenerative brake

Here is the biggest advantage of the electric car over the thermal car. The presence of a regenerative brake. But what is the regenerative brake? This is a technology that allows you to re-inject energy into the battery of your electric car, simply by pressing the brake pedal during slowdowns. So, you gain autonomy by braking. With a heat engine, to put it in a schematic, it’s as if you could refuel while driving. In some electric cars, it is possible to manage the power of this regenerative brake. The stronger it is, the more autonomy you will regain. This technology is ideal to save money because it makes it possible to have less maintenance costs especially for the brake pads, which are supported by this regenerative brake that makes the engine work to brake the vehicle.

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