Mercedes Classe A250e EQ-Power

The plug-in hybrid compact

Mercedes Classe A250e EQ-Power, the trendiest plug-in hybrid compact sedan.

Mercedes A250e EQ Power vue exterieur
The new Mercedes Classe A250e tends to impose its style in the world of electromobility.

For many of us, driving a car has become an everyday occurrence. A daily habit that, without us realizing it, is an extension of ourselves. For a few years now, a phenomenon has been taking place. A slow change of mindset. Before, we would have said “what do we ride with?”. Today, it would be “how do we drive?”.

Plug-in hybrid: a response to electromobility

A change in thinking in the automotive world with the introduction of the notion of electromobility. There are many reasons for this: preservation of the environment; driving comfort; savings in terms of running costs… Thus, the share of electrification in the manufacturer’s range is growing. Pure electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid, these technologies are becoming a must in order to meet the growing demand of consumer-drivers. It is on this last one that the Test E Car editorial team got interested, in order to see the answer to the need with this type of technology.

A sleek and compact design that makes the Classe A250e a pleasant car to drive for business or private travels.

Classe A250e EQ-Power, a daily electric use

In this regard, we decided to test one of the best-sellers in the highly competitive plug-in hybrid compact segment: the Mercedes Classe A250e EQ-Power. How does this German car, which has been on the market for just over a year, meet the expectations of everyday electromobility, as we currently understand it?

So, is this Mercedes usable on a daily basis? That’s the reason we tried it. Whether you’re a mile-hurler or just want to get around town, the hybridization of its engine is a concentrate of positivity. The Mercedes Classe A250e EQ-Power Plug-In Hybrid develops up to 218 horsepower overall. It combines a 1.3-liter gasoline engine, of Renault origin by the way, with a power of 160 hp, associated with an electric motor of 75 kW. This combination provides a good recovery capacity and top speed, well above the legal speed limit.

A combination of petrol engine and electric motor that combines comfort and economy.
With its compact size, parking in the city won’t be a problem.

140km in full electric mode

However, for drivers who would like to maximize the electric efficiency of this Mercedes Classe A250e EQ-Power, the car can reach 140 km/h in full electric mode, “zero emission silence”. This is quite a performance for a car weighing 1,680 kg.

Is this Mercedes usable on a daily basis? Well, the car reveals a number of features that attest to this. Despite a substantial battery weight of 150kg, this pack develops 15.6 kWh. Mercedes announces a possibility of driving almost 70km in electric mode. To be honest, if your use of this Classe A250e EQ-Power is more urban than road, or for business trips in the city or journeys of less than 15 km, you may be able to do it, only if you adopt a flexible driving style and do not use the right pedal too much.

An “eco” mode that allows the Classe A250e EQ-Power to behave like a 100% electric vehicle

In this mindset of “reasoned” driving, it is advisable to use the “eco mode” which analyzes and manages the driving conditions in real time (electric but also for petrol), the car then evolves in freewheeling with energy recovery during braking. However, you may be surprised by the recovery management. During deceleration phases, the recuperation can only be set in “electric mode”, thanks to the paddles located behind the steering wheel and does not offer a very significant slowdown. Especially since it does not work until the car comes to a complete stop.

All driving information is displayed on a digital panel. The longest and the widest on the market today.

The Classe A250e EQ-Power at ease outside the city

On country roads or on the highway, the power is well distributed and the behavior is reassuring, despite the additional 150kg of batteries. The four cylinders play their part and the 218 hp of the coupled engines are pleasant. A petrol/electric combination that allows an average fuel consumption of 4.9 liters per 100 km is quite significant, even if it is far from the 1.5 l/100 km announced by Mercedes.

On the country roads, this Mercedes Classe A250e reveals all its potential. Power and comfort are part of the package.

A very good interior space for Mercedes’ plug-in hybrid compact

Inside, the quality of all the equipment is excellent. Digital meters behind the steering wheel. And above all, the digital display is longer than the previous versions, and it manages the engine settings and the electric drive. As well as the entire infotainment section.

The Classe A250e EQ-Power has a nice interior. Four adults and a child can take place without any problem. Indeed, it should be noted that the legroom is really good for a compact car. For long trips or the waiting in traffic, in electric mode, the driver’s seat equipped with an extendable seat cushion (up to 6 centimeters) can adapt to both small and very large people. Thanks to the multiple electric adjustments available.

Storage volume reduced by battery space

As for the trunk, with a volume of 370 liters (1,210 liters with the seats down), vacation departures can be envisaged without worry. It should be noted, however, that the trunk volume is reduced by about 60 liters. This is due to the battery pack underneath. The loading threshold is high and there is no spare wheel, let alone a spare tire… You’ll have to make it with a repair kit and a compressor…

A storage volume in the average of the category’s standards.
For a family, taking luggage over a long distance is no problem.
Under the trunk is the battery. But be careful, no spare tire nor a simple “wheel”, just a puncture-proof kit.

The Classe A250e EQ-Power, a good plug-in hybrid compromise

If you’re looking for power and comfort on a daily basis, this Mercedes will do the job. Allowing that you have to drive a lot of kilometers for your activity, and/or you drive in the city, with a recognized quality, this Mercedes is for you. If you’re with your family, you’ll be at ease. The unconditional fans of the brand with the star will not be disoriented. For those who don’t know much about it and would like to know more, this Classe A250e EQ-Power combines comfort and habitability which makes it one of the flagship models of the plug-in hybrid segment.

How to recharge this Mercedes Classe A250e EQ-Power?

The Classe A250e EQ-Power integrates an AC charger (7.4 kW) and a fast DC charger (24 kW). It takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to fully recharge with a 7.4 kW Wallbox or only 25 minutes to recover 80 percent of range on a 24 kW fast charging station. On a standard domestic socket (2.3 kW), a recharge from 0 to 100% requires about 8 hours. If you want to benefit from a home charging system, Mercedes-Benz works with the company Proxiserve. Whether you are in a condominium or a private home. If it is within the framework of a professional use, an adapted study is operated. To recharge outdoors, in direct power, via the CCS (Combined Charging Systems) plug that can be found in France on the IONITY network, or even Total EV charge.

It is possible, with this Mercedes Classe A250e to benefit from the service “Mercedes me Charge”. This service allows you to recharge and pay easily at public charging stations. It provides access to more than 25,000 public charging points in France, in cities, parking lots, freeways, shopping centers, etc., including the IONITY fast charging network. This service is also available internationally. Thanks to the optimized navigation system directly embedded in the vehicles, it is easy to find charging stations. (Travel time can be optimized by planning the route including charging).
Access to the charging stations is made via the RFID charging card “Mercedes me Charge”, via the “Mercedes me” application or directly from the vehicle. Payment is integrated with simplified billing and a monthly summary.

How do you finance the purchase of a Mercedes A250e Class?

  • Option 1: Classic credit

To establish a classic credit with Mercedes-Benz Financing. A down payment of 0 to 80% of the sales price of the vehicle and the duration of your contract (from 12 to 72 months for a new vehicle and from 12 to 60 months for a used vehicle). Or, establishing a credit through your own bank.

  • Option 2: Leasing with purchase option

Leasing with purchase option Facility, a customizable formula from Mercedes-Benz-Finance. The length of the contract (from 13 to 37 months for a new vehicle and from 13 to 48 months for a used vehicle), the mileage and the amount of the down payment are determined when the contract is signed. Reduced rents compared to the classic leasing with purchase option.

The purchase option is determined when the contract is signed: the dealer can take over the vehicle for a value known at the time of ordering. Insurance and customized services can be included to enjoy your vehicle.

At the end of the contract: either the vehicle is returned, and you can leave with another vehicle (see manufacturer’s conditions), or you must pay (or finance) the purchase option to become the owner.

  • Option 3: Long-term leasing

Long-term leasing allows you to pay only for the actual use of the vehicle, with monthly payments that leave you financial flexibility while you drive a new car. The choice of the contract is possible (13 to 48 months) and the mileage, according to the needs. Insurance and customized services can be included to make the most of your vehicle. Vehicle is returned at the end of the contract.

A test realized with the collaboration of LG Rent – Groupe Monopole Automobiles Mercedes.

151 Chemin de la Passion Vella 66100 Perpignan

Dimensions L x W x H in meters: 4.42 x 1.80 x 1.44
Wheelbase: 2.72m
Trunk volume: 370 / 1,210 liters
Weight when empty: 1,710 kg
Number of seats: 5
Engine: 1.3 liter turbo petrol
Displacement: 4 cylinders 1,332 cm3
Fiscal power: 6 HP
Electric motor: 116 hp/85 kW
Total accumulated power: 218 hp/160 kW
Total accumulated torque: 450 Nm
Battery: 15.6 kWh (64 to 78 km in WLTP cycle)
Fuel tank: 35 liters
0 to 100 km/h: 6.6 seconds
Top speed: 235 km/h (140 km/h in electric mode)
CO2 emissions: 30 g/km
Price: from €43,850 (excluding options)
Parts and labor warranty: 2 years (unlimited km)
Battery warranty: (8 years or 160,000 km)

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