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How to plan a long trip using an electric car?

Today we’re going to address a question that everyone asks when making the switch to electric: How do you plan for a long trip? Many people are afraid about electric car for fear of not being able to make their long trip. In this video I’ll give you some tips on how to organize and plan long distance electric trips without fear.

How to CONSUME LESS in an electric car?

Today we are going to talk about an important subject which is the management of the consumption of an electric car. It is true that with the increase in the price of fuel in recent years, the switch to electric has almost become an obligation to save money. But before that, should we know how to optimise its range?


Electric car, hybrid or plug-in hybrid? What is the real difference between these three automotive technologies and which one to choose. Small summary to understand the differences and nuances between these three engines. What facilities are needed?

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Which electric SUV is the cheapest? And what are its features? It is true that when we do research on the sWhich electric SUV is the cheapest? And what are its features? It is true that when we do research on the subject it is difficult to find our way around. That’s why we’re offering you this top 5, which will classify electric SUVs according to their prices, and we’ll go into a little more detail by providing you with some vehicle characteristics. So today we are going to see how much it costs to get an electric SUV in 2022.

TOP 5 Electric Cars with THE MOST RANGE

For many of you, when you’re purchasing an electric vehicle, range is an important criterion before choosing your vehicle. Choosing a vehicle with which we can travel the most kilometers in a single charge. For the rest of our TOP videos, well in this video I will present to you the cars which at the beginning of 2022 offer the best ranges on the market.


In recent years, In recent years, electric cars had the reputation of being financially inaccessible. But today, that is no longer the case. Electric cars are becoming accessible, the more time passes, the more we find them on French roads. In addition, the various purchase and conversion aids contribute enormously to the switch to electric. So today we are going to see how much you have to pay to get an electric city car